Bucket of Bolts, AgPacks with an assortment of Nuts and Bolts. Bolt Packs. Fastener Kits. Metric and Imperial.

New Line

29th September 2020

For many years the Exafast Agpack has been a mainstay of farming, mining, construction operators. Their Fastener Kits were handy for finding that nut and bolt you needed.

As metal priced have forced the increase in costs the Agpack price has become out of reach for the small business so we have built and are selling our new range of Bucket Of Bolts.

You will find that the contents of these Buckets more than cover your needs and we have added a large metric bucket which is not currently in the market.

Pick up your Bucket of Bolts today from the store or purchase them online and have them delivered to your door.

Bucket of Bolts.